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Company Profile
Ⅰ. Company Introduction
Jilin Jinli Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinli) belongs to Changchun National High-technology Industry Development Area. Our company is a high-technology industry entity which mainly manufactures testing instruments and equipments and products with automatic M&C system, which is the only software enterprise and national high-technology enterprise in the industry of domestic testing machine. Our company has set up functional departments of product development department, marketing department, production department, quality control department, integrated business department, etc and owns perfect conditions of research, production, assembly and detection. The institution setup of our company is simple and high efficiency, which has formed a complete modern enterprise management system and passed the Quality Management System Certification of ISO: 2000. Our company takes “Technology is People Oriented” as tenet, continuously pursues development and innovation and increases the high-technology content of products. The technology of our company is always staying in the leading position in the industry. The main technology index of products has reached international advanced level. Our products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.
Ⅱ Products with High Technology Content
Microcomputer servo M&C system produced by our company has reached international advanced level in M&C technology. The system adopts computer bus design, which achieves true full range constant measurement without interior and external shift. The measurement resolution of the system is as high as 1/200000. Since advanced technologies of broad speed regulation range of electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve assembly, computer digital control, etc have been adopted, a true all digital closed loop speed regulation control system has been made up, which can automatically and precisely measure and control full testing process of loading, unloading, etc. of testing machines. The measurement precisions, especially the control precision index which are inconvenient for many domestic companies to note have reached international advanced level.
Main products are microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo machines, which includes universal testing machine, steel stranded tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, special pressure testing machine for cement, large structure testing machine, rock tri-axial testing machine, anchor testing machine, fatigue testing machine, spring testing machine, upset forging testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, multi-channel simulation driving force loading system, multi-channel static loading testing system, cupping testing machine, bending testing machine for sheet metal, spring endurance testing machine, long-time durability tensile and compression testing machine, flatting testing machine for metal tube, microcomputer servo control electrical machines, which includes universal testing machine, relaxation testing machine, creep testing machine, powder pressing machine, fatigue testing machine for automatic transmission of auto, special testing machine for absorber of auto, etc, and special extensometer for different metals and non-metals, etc. Altogether there are more than 100 types of products among twenty-five categories. 
Ⅲ. Main Technology Advantages of Products of Our Company
The testing machines manufactured by our company have unsurpassed features in domestic industry:
Measurement system adopts AC measuring amplifier designed by computer bus, which achieves true constant full range measurement without shift and avoids the temperature drift problem, i.e.“0”drift problem which easily occurs in other domestic testing machine companies (factories) adopted DC amplifier.
1. Random control can be achieved: As all digital multi closed loop control system is adopted, different control modes and speeds can be switched smoothly during the testing process. Artificial intervention control can be done to every control, which enables the success rate of test to reach 100%.
2. Multi-program control can be achieved: Customers can do programming themselves. Low cycle tests of triangle wave, sine wave, trapezoidal wave, etc and different composite waveform tests can be done.
3. Multi-control can be achieved: Equal speed control of testing force, deformation, and displacement, constant speed control of testing force, deformation and displacement, and many other control modes can be done.
4. High integration controller: All testing processes can be controlled and finished by one computer, which reduces steps and malfunction rate. Most of the other companies adopt two computers (single chip microcomputer and system computer) to finish the process. All of the operations are finished by keyboard and mouse, and hand valves’ loading is reserved.
5. Perfect software self-check function: Our machines can automatically check the malfunction of different function cards and sensors and indicate malfunction positions. The manufacturer does not need to do field maintenance except from changing relevant function card in computer, which ensures a simple and convenient maintenance and repair.
6. VC++ Language programming is adopted in testing software, which can operate under the operating system of Windows98, 2000, NT and XP and is a “all digital microcomputer servo M&C control software” with proprietary intellectual property rights.
The functions above are the ones which are only owned by Jinli and can not be achieved by other companies.
The products of our company also have the following function features:
7. Concrete configuration, special extensometer for rocks can automatically get elasticity modulus of concrete and Poisson’s ratio of rocks, etc.
8. Curve, data storage, curve amplification, curve overlay, every different true testing curve without modification and many curve waves can be switched and displayed during the testing process.
9. Complete database access for customer use, which has functions of data query, statistics, analysis, etc and can draw pie chart and bar chart. Software update can be done by software disk mail or E-mail transmission.
10. Advanced digital electro-hydraulic proportional valve is adopted as control unit, which has strong contamination resistance and can realize long-time failure-free operation.
Ⅳ. Keep Quality Commitment and Unswervingly Implement Quality Policy
The quality policy of our company is “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, Technology Preeminence, and Keep Improving”. All of the personnel in our company have been working truthfully for customers by taking this policy for many years. Our company practically pursues the tenet of “Technology is People Oriented”, takes “Cultivating famous-brand personnel is a necessity for creating famous-brand products” as guiding ideology, seeks ceaseless innovation in a pioneering spirit, increases technology content in the product, makes the products of our company own the features of modern techniques, stable and reliable quality, complete function, simple operation and maintenance, and makes our products take the technology leadership of the industry all the time. The products of our company are ideal and advanced checking and testing equipments for scientific research institution, quality control unit, building unit, metallurgy unit, machine manufacturing unit and laboratories of colleges and universities.
Address: No. 388, Huojulu Road, Qianjindajie Street, Changchun National High-technology Industry Development Area, Changchun City
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