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China Construction Fourth Engineering Bureau
CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.
No. 1 Engineering Company of CCCC First Harbor Engineering C
Xingtai Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Foshan City Municipal Engineering Quality Inspection Co., Lt
Technical Center of Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Company
Technical Supervision Center of Xuanhua Iron & Steel Group C
Chifeng City Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Cen
Shanxi Fenghuang Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd.
Xiangyuan Lu’an Mining Bureau Technical Center, Shanxin Prov
Taigang Group Orient Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Henan Province Institute of Traffic Science and Technology
Jiangxi Hongdu Steelworks
Shougang Medium Plate Factory
Yanshan University
Jilin Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology
Shougang Academy of Technology Centralab
Guangdong Province Power Lines Equipment Quality Check Stati
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Address: No. 388, Huojulu Road, Qianjindajie Street, Changchun National HightechnologyIndustry Development Area, Changchun City
Telephone:0431-85176689 Fax: 0431--85181975 Contact:Mr. Wang Mr. Li技术支持:星广传媒